Basmeh and Zeitooneh is a relief and development organization with community centers providing a multitude of programs throughout Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan). These programs target the most vulnerable and marginalized Syrian refugees and individuals adversely affected by the Syrian Crisis, and adopt a holistic approach whereby the needs of the whole family or community are considered and addressed. B&Z  amplifies its voice through several national and regional networks, among which the Working Group for People Affected by the Syrian Displacement Crisis (PASC network), and is in regular contact with UNHCR on protection and return issues. In the frame of this project, B&Z is coordinating and working with partners to carry out the field research in Syria, strongly engaged in the research component in Lebanon, and plays a key role in the lobby and advocacy.


ALEF is a Lebanese human rights organisation in Beirut, is part of this coalition to support with and lead on policy lobbying and advocacy in Lebanon. ALEF has a long experience of doing human rights advocacy in Lebanon and beyond. A recent publication by ALEF, on forced deportations calls on the government of Lebanon to respect the rule of law; refrain from deporting individuals and violating the principle of non-refoulement. ALEF facilitates the PASC network (People Affected by the Syrian Crisis) – supported by RDPP (regional development and protection programme) – and has a broad network of political and civil society actors in Lebanon.


PAX is a peace organisation in the Netherlands and has experience working in Lebanon and Syria since 2003. PAX has worked on different issues pertaining to human rights and human security, and has a track record of doing lobby and advocacy in the region and the Netherlands/Europe. Our access to actors in Brussels is guaranteed through a liaison officer based in Brussels. Over the past years, several research projects have been setup, most noticeably the Siege Watch, monitoring the situation in the besieged areas inside Syria in 2017 and 2018. This project was done in collaboration with the Syria institute. PAX has local staff based in Beirut. PAX will lead advocacy efforts in Europe (in coordination with 11.11.11) and is coordinating this project.


11.11.11 is a coalition of NGOs, unions, movements and various solidarity groups in Flanders (Dutch speaking Northern part of Belgium). It combines the efforts of about 60 organisations and more than 20,000 volunteers, who work together to achieve one common goal: a fair world without poverty. 11.11.11 supports development initiatives of local CSO partners in the Middle East, Great Lakes, Southeast Asia and Andes, by lobbying national and international governments and organisations, and by campaigning in Belgium for a world that upholds international solidarity. The organisation is based in Belgium and has ample experience in doing evidence-based advocacy in Europe. In addition to its role within RPW, in recent years, 11.11.11 has published reports about the situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon, the situation in Northeast Syria, the EU’s role in the future reconstruction of Syria, and the role of Syrian civil society. 11.11.11 and PAX are coordinating and leading advocacy efforts in Europe, while 11.11.11 also plays a central role in providing background research and analysis of international return policies.


Upinion is a social enterprise that creates two-way communication with communities. By gathering instant insights and sharing information, Upinion promotes inclusiveness and effectiveness of humanitarian support. Upinion supports NGOs’ efforts to connect directly with communities they work with using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, PWA, and Upinion app. Upinion will be monitoring the protection space inside Lebanon and Turkey in the frame of this project, as well as create a safe peer-to-peer information sharing network for Syrian refugees and returnees.